Taher Sikder

Mr. Ataher Sikder Chairman of M/S Taher Construction. He is a leader of this company as a back-end supporter she has played a variety role of problem solver, adviser, good thinker, critical decision maker. He is one of the hard working people for the growth of the company during this glorious period. The chairman usually presides over the board of directors and has the power to make important decisions within the company.

Here are some key responsibilities and duties that the chairman performs.

Board Governance: The chairman oversees the board of directors and ensures that the company’s actions are in line with its mission, values and long-term goals. He leads board meetings, sets the board’s agenda and encourages productive discussions between Conron and board members.

Strategic planning: The chairman plays an important role in setting the company’s long-term strategy and goals. He works closely with other senior executives to develop plans aligned with the company’s vision and objectives.

Financial Oversight: The chairman shows the importance of hard work to build a project and the chairman is ever vigilant about financial oversight.